About Us

Open Station Honest Savings


We don’t believe in funny business at DaaBIG Store.  We are 100% transparent in all that we do.  We want to help everyone save BIG! Want Daa first shot at the best merchandise? Wake up early, pack snacks, and be Daa first in line. We don’t do sneak peeks and we don’t cherry pick- not even for friends or family.  And none of our products are staged.  If it’s on Daa truck, it, it hits the floor.  from Daa furniture to Daa appliances, it’s all real! Come and check it out for yourself.


Inventory at DaaBIG Store changes weekly. Mondays – Thursdays we are closed to restock Daa store. On Fridays, Daa deals begin and get cheaper as Daa week goes on. Our inventory is random and unpredictable – that’s what makes it so FUN! Name-brand appliances, furniture, electronics, and more, we have it all!

DaaHummer and Truck
Weichers Family


For those of you that may not know our family, we are Delaney, Amanda, Andy and Beau (The DaaB in the DaaBIG Store). Not long ago, we started by opening up the very first DaaBIN Store, right here in Waterloo, Iowa. Within the first year, we grew exponentially and opened over 13 different DaaBIN Stores across the country! Now, we continue the expansion by opening our new concept – DaaBIG Store. DaaBIG store is an extension of DaaBIN Store’s BIG items. They are too big to throw in a bin, so instead we list the MSRP on a ticket and each day features a daily percentage discount on that price. This allows you to claim items by removing your half of the ticket and paying for them at the register.

We own 5 companies in addition to this: Weicks Co, Weicks Media, Weicks Real Estate Holdings, 12 Hour Auctions, and Wolfpack Racing. Our children go to school in Cedar Falls, IA and our family is very active in advocating for inclusion and helping children with intellectual disabilities through our non-profit Beau’s Beautiful Blessings. We were one of the families involved in the building of the fully inclusive playground- The Place to Play Park in Cedar Falls.

Andy and I wanted to make sure that through this new endeavor, we worked with the community to hire intellectually disabled adults and pay them a REAL wage. This provides job training, a sense of belonging and self-worth and provides us with incredible employees. Inclusion will always be important to us. If anyone has experience with working with local agencies or organizations, please reach out to us.

So, if you come into the store and you see the young man in this photo, his name is Beau (Bo) and he was born with a rare genetic condition. He’s nonverbal, he tends to drool a lot and may squeal or get scared sometimes but he will make your trip to DaaBIG Store memorable! Say hi to him, smile. Most all the time he will be the joy you didn’t know you needed in your day – and his sister Delaney is his best advocate, friend, and best little human we could ask for.

We look forward to meeting your family as you shop at DaaBIG Store!